Once upon a time the thought of painting exterior brick would never have entered anyone’s mind. Brick is brick, and it comes in many colors. Why in the world would you need to paint it? The truth is, you may not need to paint the exterior brick of your Overland Park area home – but you sure may want to! You’ve probably given it some thought if you’re reading this, so read on if you want to be enlightened about this innovative idea.

While brick is certainly durable and meant to last forever, we tend to get tired of the same old look after a while. Maybe you’ve lived in your home for 10 or 20 years, and it still looks just like it did the day you moved in. The bricks may have become discolored, dirty, or faded in appearance and because they’re extremely porous, cleaning isn’t an easy task. While everything else in life has changed at lightning speed over the years, your house hasn’t; in fact, it’s beginning to look like a relic. What to do? Paint it!

Here are just a few compelling reasons to have the exterior brick painted by a professional (believe us, this isn’t a job you want to tackle yourself).

  • It creates a tremendous visual impact. You want your home to have great curb appeal, and painting it classic white, slate grey, or sage green creates major appeal. Painting can transform a brick home from traditional and ordinary to elegant and extraordinary. Whatever look you’re after, it can be achieved.
  • Painted brick is easier to keep clean. We mentioned that brick is porous which means dirt, pollen, and debris can literally get sucked into the brick. When you have exterior brick painted, the surface becomes smooth and far less porous so it’s easier to clean.
  • Painting the brick increases the value of your home. It’s all about that amazing curb appeal!
  • Painting protects your home from the elements. Paint provides the properties of a sealant, so your home is less prone to the impact of seasonal weather changes.
  • You aren’t stuck with the results forever. If you have the brick painted and a few years down the road decide you want to refresh your home’s look again, you can switch to a different color paint. Painting is a very versatile option.
  • You should love your home. Home is where the heart is; it’s where you enjoy family gatherings, relaxing, and creating memories. If you aren’t happy with the brick or exterior of your home, it’s time to paint it so you’ll love it!

If you have tossed the idea of painted brick around a few times, be sure to work with a professional painter who knows which paints, primers, and tools deliver the best possible result. Make your Overland Park area home one that turns heads; call Ed Brogan today at 913-449-8468.

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