You may think choosing a paint color for the exterior of your home is simple, but there are a few things to consider if you want the result to be perfect. With the right colors, your home will make a great impression on all who pass by – talk about curb appeal! That said, our Overland Park exterior painting professionals have a few tips to help ensure there are no regrets once the project is complete.

Consider the things you cannot change. From the roof and driveway to stonework and brick, there are several aspects of your home that either can’t be changed or that you wouldn’t want to change. For instance, why install a new roof with a complementary color when your existing roof has years of life left in it? Stonework, driveways, and pathways have tones that may conflict with paint colors, so take every detail into consideration.

Depth and visual effects. Whether your home is set back from or close to the road matters, as well as your Kansas City custom deck, patio or landscaping. A home that’s a substantial distance from the road can become invisible when painted a dark color, especially if there are lots of trees surrounding it. A lighter shade of paint can bring its beauty into view. On the flip side, if your home is fairly close to the road and has few trees, don’t be afraid to experiment with darker colors.

Architecture is important. Do you have a historic home, or one with architecture that evokes an early 20th century era? Trendy or loud paint colors don’t play very well with these types of homes, so keep this in mind. Our Overland Park painters can help you choose the perfect colors for your home’s era and architecture.

Select a trio of paint colors. Keep in mind that when you have the exterior of your home painted, the little details make all the difference. By the little details we’re referring to exterior doors, shutters, porch and step railings, and other trim. To wrap it up, you will need a field (dominant) color for the largest area, an accent color for doors and shutters, and a trim color for the smallest areas (window frames, roof edges, etc.).

One thing our Overland Park exterior painting experts want to warn you about: Never make your exterior paint color selection using only the cards you find at the paint store! When the paint is applied to a larger section of your home, you’ll see it looks much different than it did on the card and you may regret your decision. At Brogan’s Home Painting, we’re always happy to help so that you fall in love with your home all over again. Contact us today!

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