Garage doors are often front and center and are part of the design value of your home.

Old school thinking about the garage left the door white and plain, a wallflower more than likely hidden in the world of design.

Current new home architecture offers multiple garage door design options for homeowners.

What if your garage is just plain door that came with your thirty year old house? Can you add some zest to your garage door?

Yes! Painting is the answer! After you have addressed any garage door repair issues, there are a few other things to consider before you take that first paint stroke.

Consider the color palette of your home.  Select a complementary color to coordinate with the main paint color of your home. This creates a traditional, coordinated look.

Another way to express color in design is to match the color of the house with the garage door. Accent the garage door with a different trim color. In this case, white trim creates a framing effect. This will make the color pop and draw the eye to the garage as an architectural feature.

Some homeowners opt to match the trim of the home with the garage door color.  The trim of this home is a subtle accent of brown around the windows that also flatter the natural brick colors. The garage door color ties all these elements together.

Curb appeal can be created by matching the front door to the garage door. The colors of the two doors should strike a balance between them and compliment the main color of the house. The bold red of the two doors create an eye catching appearance.

A  more detailed approach is to apply two colors to highlight the architectural designs of the door. This may be two complimentary colors. In this case, the  garage door has added depth to the flat tan by painting a deeper tone on the squares.

Create the garage door that appeals to you–it is just paint and the possibilities are endless!

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