How do you increase the value of your home to be competitive in the 2015 real estate market? Exterior painting is a key component to enhance the value of your biggest investment. According to a 2015 Consumer Reports article, painting the exterior of your home increases the potential value from 2 to 5 percent. If a potential buyer sees peeling paint and a brash color, it may keep them at arm’s length and never get them past your front door. What color is the best to help sell your home and get the best return on investment?

If you are unsure, go with what the mainstream trends are in exterior house colors. This may not sound exciting or even interesting, but you will be counting your green after your home appeals to the widest market of potential buyers and you make the sale. Some ways to determine the best mainstream colors for the exterior of your home are:

  • Look at your neighbor’s homes. What is the prettiest and best manicured property? That is your competition, whether it is for sale or not. Potential buyers will size up the neighborhood and although realtors will show clients homes that have comparatives in value, they will also point out the fantastic overall value of the area. Does your home measure up?
  • Your front door is a key impression factor. You managed to get a potential buyer to your home, so go one step further and paint your door a complimentary, inviting color. Earth tones are inviting and comforting.
  • Your home’s exterior paint is to sell your house, not please you, your neighbor’s or what you might think someone would like. You are in the business of real estate when the sale sign is posted. Be calculating and resourceful—ask you real estate agent to provide you with homes that sold fast in comparable listings and to give you those exterior colors. No agent yet? Scroll through real estate internet listings and do some digging—check out the days on the market for homes like yours and note the exterior colors.
  • Run out of ideas? Review new construction in your area and copy the color palettes the builders are using. Those colors will be the current trend, typically neutral, and will appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers.
  • Google Street view options on its mapping feature will give you plenty of home colors to see in surrounding neighborhood’s and eliminates time and gas spent driving.
  • Finally, check with a professional home painter who has experience in your area. Make sure they have all the licenses and house painters insurance they are legally required to have. Brogan’s Home Painting offers complimentary color consultations and can be reached at 913-449-8468.
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