Transforming Your Home’s Exterior can be serious decision. When you are looking for a painting contractor, technique and adaptability is key. Your home has a style: just take a look at the exterior paint job. How are the design features of your home painted? Do you have trim? Does the trim paint complement the field? Could the doors use an injection of color? Enhancing with exterior paint is the easiest thing to change in the design and look of a house.

If your home is mid-century modern, have you considered that the traditional paint color is matte or eggshell–a non-glossy paint that is in keeping with the design? The home featured is a customer of Brogan’s Home Painting. Note the matte neutral exterior paint. Mid-century design is pared down and simplified. The interior colors could be earthy and rich with a pop of any color you like! Pairing is easy.

An English Tudor Style Influenced Home needs trim to be bolder than the field. A no-no is to paint the trim the same color to minimize it. The trim is an architectural detail that needs to be in the design. Instead, choose a subtle but bolder color for the trim.On the other hand, too many trim colors create a cookie cutter look and that is not the desired outcome. The history behind the Tudor is that it is always made with wood and some type of masonry. The wooden frame work was exposed internally and externally so the designs were actually part of the construction. The natural wood trim darkened over time as it was oiled and maintained. Modern Tudor homes are no longer built in this manner so the painted architectural details are the key to a beautiful Tudor home.

The Exterior Doors of your home add style, can capture design trends and just look darn good! Front doors offer opportunities for high gloss or matte, popping or passive, and dark or light. The Chinese look to red doors for good fortune. They are also fond of blue doors due the symbolic nature of blue: abundance, water, flow, peace. Blue is one of the most popular colors for doors!

Garage Doors are a large space to try to hide! Why not accent them to utilize the space like a colorful splash of color to complement the walls? A recent trend in the Johnson County area is to paint the doors darker with a deep, rich color. The brown garage door color in the photo almost lends itself to a textural quality. Inviting!

The perfect paint color has a lot to do with your preferences! If the Purple Grape #441 paint color you thought was a good idea last year when you painted your front door no longer tickles your fancy, you have the option to change it! Paint is easy. The design is the key. A great painting contractor has you covered with their expertise.

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