The Mood Altering Speed of Color

Color is fast! In fact some colors are faster than others.

The very speed of color is the reason you find a verdant green field so refreshing or a dark blue of the ocean so deeply spiritual and reflective.

White light travels at 186,000 miles per second and as you visually travel through the rainbow of perceived colors, the speed decreases so that our eyes can see it.  We only see a portion of the vibratory color spectrum and those colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

The color red has the longest wavelength and the slowest vibration, while the color violet at the other end of the spectrum has the shortest wavelength and the fastest vibration of electromagnetic energy.

BHP visible spectrum

How does this affect our moods? Colors emit vibrations and our eyes perceive the wavelengths. Our body and mind feel the color, since the color we see is converted into electrical impulses that our brain reads. Our brain creates signals to our hormonal glands and those hormones create a response in our physical body and in turn a reaction psychologically too—our moods!

Knowing that the rooms in your home and the exterior color of your home can influence your peace of mind is critical for making informed color paint choices!

Colors can create positive or negative influences on your mood!

Red:  Bold, Stimulating, Lively, yet can also be Defiant, Aggressive, or Visually Impacting

Orange: A combination of Red and Yellow, influences Creativity, Productivity, Enthusiasm

Yellow: Joyful, Optimism, Friendly, and stimulates the mind but could lead to thinking with the head and ignoring the heart

Green: A combination of Yellow and Blue is Peaceful, Healing, and Calming yet could be Bland and Boring.

Blue: Encourages Reflection, Intellect, Concentration, or if mixed with black could be Melancholy

Indigo: A combination of Deep Blue and Violet and is Powerful, Traditional, or Religious yet could be Judgmental or Dramatic

Violet: Stimulates Intuition, Imagination, an Artistic flair, Harmony

 What is the best color, then, for a kitchen?  The space should encourage conversation, appetites and be relaxing.  Yellow would work well as a friendly, engaging color. Accent colors may include orange or red to induce the appetite. Did you ever notice fast food colors are frequently a combination of red, yellow or orange? That is to encourage customers to enjoy their dining experience.  A natural touch of green in the form of a painting, plant or door grounds the space and invites peacefulness.

BHP Color mood kitchen

Bedrooms are a personal decision, and determining your personality and how you resonate with a color is vital. Knowing the mood qualities of colors will help to select the best one.

Examples of colors for bedrooms for children, teenagers and adults can be found at the House Beautiful website. This is bedroom for a little girl and is a pretty pink.

BHP Pink bedroom child

Another is a blue bedroom for an adult that reflects, “flow and harmony”.

BHP Aquamarine flow and harmony

Whatever the color, the mood will be struck. Make your home reflective of you and create a space that feels right!






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