Seven Signs Your Exterior Paint Needs TLC!

All the signs of Spring have blossomed in Kansas City! Robins are singing, fruit trees are bursting with blooms, the smell of BBQ smoke is starting to waft around the neighborhood! Since you are bound to be outside, you may want to check out the exterior of your home.  If your home has exterior paint, follow this checklist to determine if you have the signs that you need to paint the exterior of your home.

1. Peeling or Flaking Paint? This is a red alert that the exposed wood will be subject to water damage and the elements! Check  bats, boards, siding and window frames.

BHP Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint

2. Chalky or Fading Paint? Chalk-like dust on your hand after touching the paint occurs when ultraviolet rays from the sun disintegrate the resin in the paint. When it rains the chalk is washed off and the color looks faded and uneven as compared to the rest of the home.

BHP faded paint

Fading Paint

3. Brittle, Cracked, or Separating Caulk? You may find this compromised caulking between the windows and wood or brick or along door frames and along bats if you have bat and board construction.

BHP caulk

Separating Caulk

4. Lingering Water Stains? Do you see stains that do not appear to go away; especially in shady areas? Staining can also occur if there are nails or other metal anchoring components rusting and coloring the area.

5. Rotting Wood? This occurs especially in the Kansas City region where the majority of homes are constructed of bats and boards. This is a repair to seek out before damage spreads to adjacent sections of wood.  Mold or Mildew Appearing?  This could also indicate a water leak either from the interior wall or a dripping from an external source, like a clogged or leaky gutter. If you have ivy or climbing plants that can create humidity between the vine and wall.

BHP wood rot

Wood Rot and Mold on a bat and board


6. Cracked Stucco? Stucco may crack and if not protected or repaired then water may leak behind it. Even hairline cracks need attention—it is not impermeable and stucco needs a paint finish protection just like wood.

7. Disappearing Boards: Do your boards have a shrinking look? That is fungus eating away at your home! This can be insidious and potentially damage the structure of home as well.

BHP water damage

Shrinking Board from water damage

A good paint finish will protect the home but allow any moisture vapor to escape or breathe from the inside.  If you have any one of these red flags, now is the time to address the problem.

If you need a consultation, Ed Brogan is ready to help! Prior to painting your home’s exterior, your home will be thoroughly inspected for these signs. Call Ed at 913-449-8468 or visit .




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