Kansas City Painters Offer Zero-VOC Paints for Beautiful, ‘Green’ Interiors

For more than a decade, Brogan’s Home Painting has been a trusted Kansas City painter providing homeowners with beautiful interiors and exteriors – and we’ve seen paint come a long way in terms of durability and toxicity.  Today, there is a “greener” option, zero-VOC paints for interiors that are ideal for those who simply want a safer home, and those who are sensitive to chemicals often contained in traditional interior paints.


VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are released into the air as a breathable gas, and can cause numerous health issues including kidney and lung damage, eye and skin irritation and more according to the American Lung Association.  While most homeowners aren’t aware of it, traditional latex paints often put out these gasses for years, long after the odor has disappeared.


In recent years low-VOC paints have become a popular option, and while they are less toxic, they still release at least some VOCs.  Zero-VOC interior paints are durable and scrubbable, and for the most part odor-free even upon application.  Unlike low-VOC paints which still have some amount of VOCs in the colorant, zero-VOC paints do not contain these chemicals, even in the colorants.  The coverage is superb, allowing homeowners to enjoy beautiful, safe interiors for years to come.


Like most other ‘green’ or eco-friendly home innovations, these paints are a bit more expensive – but definitely worth it when you consider the benefits to your family and the environment.  This new wave of interior paint options are widely available, and being used more and more by professional painters throughout the Kansas City area and across the U.S.


Some of the benefits of zero-VOC paints include:

  • ŸBecause of the absence of significant pollutants, these paints are an ideal choice for not only home interiors, but schools, hospitals, workplaces or any area that is highly populated.
  • ŸThe overall air quality may be improved because zero-VOC paints contain no volatile organic compounds, which are believed by many to contribute to higher ozone levels.
  • ŸVirtually odor-free, these paints are applied in exactly the same manner as traditional paints.
  • ŸCleanup and disposal of paint cans/materials are no longer a problem, as these paints are not considered hazardous waste.


The EPA estimates that indoor air is up to three times more polluted than outdoor air!  Unfortunately, paints contribute to this pollution, one reason that so many manufacturers are taking the initiative to produce improved, healthier paint products that are cost-effective.  Your family will enjoy a healthier home; those with allergies will likely experience fewer symptoms as well – and you will be doing your part to improve the environment.


If you’re looking for a safer, healthier alternative to traditional paint for the interior of your home, depend on the Kansas City house painting professionals at Brogan’s Home Painting.  We invite you to contact us today to learn more about zero-VOC paints and their many advantages!

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