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Albert Minnis

I am not sure how many stars to give this company because I have never heard back when trying to get a quote. It’s confusing to me that a company isn’t responding to a potential customer that is going to pay them several thousands of dollars. I am in the sales industry and my boss would KILL ME if I left potential business out there hanging. I guess I will just spend my several thousand dollars elsewhere.

*Update on the review. I will change my review to 3 stars. The owner of the company reached out to me trying to explain the delay. He was professional and obviously concerned about the rating. I understand that this is a small local company that does not have the same manpower as some of the bigger painting companies, with that said, when dealing with this company you will not get the prompt responses that the bigger companies provide, but by seeing other reviews it probably does not effect the quality of service once your appointment is booked.