Eco-Friendly Painter

We are an Eco-Friendly painting company in Kansas City (aka Green Painter).  This page is in development, but we do have a blog post on this subject here:  Eco-Friendly Painter


Brogan’s Home Painting is committed to contributing to a positive environmental impact in as many ways as possible. Our business practices and principles offer a sustainable approach in an industry that typically is laden with waste, unused paint and materials. We strive to minimize this by incorporating traditional recycling measures in our daily routine but…we take another step forward by our donations of paint and construction materials to charitable organizations and needy homeowners. Large siding pieces and cedar trim are just two of the job site materials we have been able to donate for re-use on things like outbuilding construction, sheathing material and even dog houses!


Some of the other ways we minimize environmental impact:


  • Re-use 5 gallon paint cans and donate to charity
  • Clean and re-use many 1 gallon paint cans
  • Conserve water use on cleanup
  • Recycle all cardboard boxes, painters plastic, bottles and masking paper when possible
  • Use of electronic forms for bid requests
  • Professional use of spray shields to reduce masking paper usage
  • Touch up paint for homeowners in small cans


In recent years interior paints have gradually improved with technological advancements to the point that nearly all manufacturers offer some type of low odor paints. We use “Zero VOC” interior paint from Sherwin Williams, Lowes (Valspar), Home Depot (Behr) and Benjamin Moore. These brands are completely free of Volatile Organic Compounds in both the base paint and colorant. This provides a near odor free application and, most importantly, insures that gases will not be gradually emitted in years to come, a very subtle emission but nevertheless present.


Fumes from paint solvents and dust during the interior preparation process are two concerns that we are diligent about minimizing inside your home. The harshest of paint applications both by odor and touch is usually and oil based painting product rather than a water based paint. We only use this kind of paint when a source stain in present and requires a special type or primer, or the owner prefers an oil based trim paint. Cleanup and handling of this type of product is always dealt with outside or in the garage.


We go the extra step during the vast majority our sanding by collecting dust particles directly into a shop vacuum while sanding. All other personal property that will collect dust is covered and adjacent rooms are covered (but accessible) by plastic to prevent the easy spread of particles.


All furnace registers and return air vents are also covered to keep dust and chemicals from circulating through the central duct system thus protecting air quality. We keep a tidy and organized workplace during work hours and at the end of the day.