Color your World and Add Plantings that Showcase Your Home

Your biggest investment is your home and to help increase the curb appeal and the actual and perceived value, highlight the exterior paint color with landscape plantings that reflect and compliment the exterior paint. It is an easy way to complete the palette of the exterior paint colors.

There are a few ways to approach color themes in landscaping. First, identify the main colors on your home’s exterior. Are they warm or cool? Cool colors are typically pastels or  pink, blue, lavender, creamy yellow, soft rose and soft green.  An easy way to compare colors is to pick up some paint chips from the hardware store that match your home’s exterior paint. Take those chips when you go to the landscaping nursery and use to select plants.

BHP 6 20161

A Persian Shield plant variety compliments a cool color.


BHP 6 2016

Spiky Purple Salvia, Soft Green Lamb’s Ears, and Green and Red Foliage on an ornamental fruit tree add depth and cool tones.


BHP 6 2016b

Hot Pink Cosmos, Purple Alium and Bright Yellow Marigold’s add pop and impact.









Hot colors may not match your home exactly but will compliment the color and add dimension to the area around your home. Red, gold, bright yellow, rich purple, orange are bright and attention grabbing. Other colors that have warm-color foundations are salmon, apricot, and chartreuse.




Foliage colors are something to consider, not just flowers that bloom only part of the year. Green is a neutral color and adds contrast.  White, silver, black, and purple are neutral colors that usually work in either color family.

BHP 6 20163

Soft green Hydrangeas and off white Tulips add to the neutral palette. Foliage colors are something to consider, not just flowers that bloom only part of the year.


BHP 6 20164

Lush shrub greens, ivy, and an evergreen tree provide a base for the color palette.









Be sure to keep number of colors balanced. If you add too many, it can appear non-cohesive and not deliver the impact of design you set out to achieve.  A color chart helps to keep the design in target. Too many colors create a scattered look.


BHP 6 20168

Violet, Green, and Orange are three colors that keep the balance in this example.


Love the plants and flowers you select! You will look at this everyday, so consider the seasonal aspects of flowers, foliage and cleanup.  Your garden is a reflection of your tastes as well as a meaningful design component for your home. Most of all, inject some fun into the process and enjoy your results!










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